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An Appreciation From A Disloyal Michael Jackson Fan

Let me apologize right from the outset: In some way or another, this piece will inevitably be more about me than about Michael Jackson, although he’s the one who was the biggest pop star of all time. And it is … Continue reading

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Best Picture Category At The Oscars Expands To Ten. Should We Care?

Today, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the slate of nominees for next year’s Best Picture category at the Oscars will be expanded from 5 to 10, at least in part to accommodate this year’s outcry … Continue reading

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With Emile Hirsch At Four Months And Counting, The SMA List Turns One

Emile Hirsch won. His authority challenged by the long-awaited, Zac Efron/Hunter Parrish-induced one-two punch of 17 Again, he held firm. Since the nature of rankings is to channel attention to those at the top, that might stand as the most … Continue reading

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The Sex-Negativism of ‘Antichrist’

Danish director/crazy genius Lars von Trier’s (Dogville) new movie Antichrist tells the story of an unnamed, married couple (Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe), whose young son is killed falling out of an open window while they are having sex in … Continue reading

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The More Respectable Way To Watch Zac Efron’s ’17 Again’

This piece follows somewhat in the footsteps of my I Love You, Man review, in that my expectations going into Burr Steers’ rather bland romantic comedy 17 Again, to some extent influenced my final verdict. Like any non-professional consumer of … Continue reading

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Who The Man, And Other Questions ‘I Love You, Man’ Doesn’t Really Ask

I’ve been holding off writing about the Paul Rudd/Jason Segel-driven buddy comedy I Love You, Man for several days, in the ultimately fading hope that I would eventually end up liking it. Apart from disclosing that I in fact did … Continue reading

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