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With Trailer, Ang Lee’s ‘Woodstock’ Takes Me By Surprise

You gotta give this to Ang Lee: He never does exactly what you expect him to do. More than many other Hollywood heavies with background in international cinema, Lee has insisted on and succeeded in building a career that lets … Continue reading

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Disney, Dancing Are Things Of The Past As Zac Efron Ditches ‘Footloose’

I of course couldn’t care less about the suddenly unclear future of Paramount’s scheduled Footloose remake, but I do care about the fact that Zac Efron will no longer headline it. Some harsh voices have said that this should be … Continue reading

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To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

‘We learned more from a three-minute record, baby/than we ever learned in school’ (Bruce Springsteen, No Surrender) With the end of the 2000’s fast approaching, Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous in my opinion is still the best feel good movie of … Continue reading

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‘The Reader’, or Sexual Encounters Of The Third Reich

I suspect there’s something about the way I didn’t like Stephen Daldry’s unforgivably dull Holocaust drama The Reader that only serves to further underline all the problems I’m having with it. You’re just not supposed to badmouth a movie whose … Continue reading

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Emile Hirsch Is The Man To Beat For March’s Sexiest Male

In a widely expected development, all-around gay Emile Hirsch of Milk has run with the Sexiest Male Alive title for March. People who inspire me to se a film twice in one week deserve to have that honor. Still, there … Continue reading

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‘Destricted’ To Audience: ‘Feel Bad’

Every once in a while I need for something or someone to remind me that my passion for cinema is in some way worth it, and that I’m not a weirdo for devoting so much time to it. I usually … Continue reading

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