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My Mood Piece on ‘Titanic’

One of the many pleasures of rewatching movies is that you discover somethng new every time. And I don’t mean just what’s on screen. Repeated exposure to what you thought was a familiar narrative will reveal things you hadn’t noticed … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The ‘Glass Closet’

Out Magazine has a new column up today by Michael Musto, in which he revisits his controversial 2007 story about the concept of the ‘glass closet‘. In short, people in the glass closet are celebrities who, according to Musto, live … Continue reading

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Could The ‘Bully’ Controversy Help Avoid Future Movie Rating Debacles?

It’s easy to say you hate censorship in any, or at least most, forms. I don’t think anyone, except the most strident social moralists would explicitly endorse systematic censorship, if only because it is so very hard to agree on … Continue reading

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