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In The Company Of Critics

My memory is not good. I wish I was one of those people who could read a book or see a movie, and instantly remember every plot point, large or small, or who only have to hear a song once … Continue reading

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Hanson’s ‘Middle of Nowhere’, A Point Of Pride

You may have noticed that the tagline for this blog has changed lately. It used to be something like Gays. Guys. Movies. Music. Politics. Pop culture. All that and then some, and I liked the way that played off the … Continue reading

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Why The ‘Mad Men’ Crowd Should Stand Up For ‘A Single Man’

In an ideal world, every new movie could be consumed in a vacuum. It’s what I love about film festivals. There, I have the chance to watch movies without having read anything about them beforehand; no reviews, no box-office reports, … Continue reading

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Setting It Straight

If you didn’t love Daniel Radcliffe for playing Harry Potter, taking his clothes off in Equus, or for embracing gays both in The Daily Beast and British gaymag Attitude, you’re either a very ungrateful gay, or I’m gonna pretend you … Continue reading

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