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Squid, Whale, Meet Margot At The Wedding

From a professional standpoint I’m more interested in directors than actors, and therefore it won’t necessarily take more than one good movie for me to strike a loyal relationship to a film-maker. Thus, when I first saw Gregg Araki‘s Mysterious … Continue reading

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Sex, Politics And Cinema Is The Holy Trinity In ‘The Dreamers’

Last week, I read an interesting opinion piece in a Norwegian weekly, arguing that this year’s 40th anniversary of the protests of 1968 should mark our final goodbye to this mythical milestone of political and cultural opposition. Even though the … Continue reading

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These Are The Young Leonardos

When he first made himself a reputation in the early to-mid nineties, Leonardo DiCaprio was often compared to River Phoenix, who died of an overdose in 1993, after having shown off his obvious talents in movies like Stand By Me … Continue reading

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‘W.’ Is No Laughing Matter

Having sat through the entirety of Oliver Stone’s promising yet ultimately disappointing George W. Bush biopic W., I wanted to scream at him that he should leave poor Freud out of his presidential portrait. There is much to commend here … Continue reading

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What ‘Speedway Junky’ Taught Me About The Art Of Film

Quite understandably, after a couple of years many child actors seem eager to reinvent themselves as more daring, smart and interesting than their television personalities allow them to be. Most famously, we saw it when Jessica Biel blew up her … Continue reading

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