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Clinton ‘Misspeaks’ About the Reagans’ HIV/AIDS Legacy

The only even remotely positive thing that can be said about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s confounding statement praising the late Nancy Reagan for her “low-key advocacy” on HIV/AIDS as first lady, and praising the first couple for having “started … Continue reading

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Reading the Right

Back in 2010, I made a list of political journalists and pundits who helped shape my views on American politics. While I have always tried to be omnivorous and adventurous in the opinions I seek out, it could not have … Continue reading

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“I’m honoured to be in their dreams”

I’ve returned time and again to praising Daniel Radcliffe for his seeming comfort with gay questions. It must be exhausting for a straight celebrity to have to dispel implied and explicit gay rumors over and over, but what really lifts … Continue reading

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Sad. Grateful. Determined.

Today, it’s been a week since the terror attacks in Norway. A very close friend of mine was killed at Ut√łya, and a handful of my friends were among the survivors. I wasn’t on the island myself, but I am … Continue reading

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My Favorite Political Pundits

This blog has been known to dip its toes into politics every once in a while, and you can follow my musings on American politics and lots of other stuff on Twitter, @queerlefty. This brief break from our regularly scheduled … Continue reading

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Obama Picks Sotomayor For SCOTUS: Some Thoughts On Gay Issues And Identity Politics

Straying from our usual preoccupation with pop culture, the events of the week simply couldn’t keep me from writing a little bit about American politics. Both as a political junkie and as a gay man, this week has been really … Continue reading

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‘W.’ Is No Laughing Matter

Having sat through the entirety of Oliver Stone’s promising yet ultimately disappointing George W. Bush biopic W., I wanted to scream at him that he should leave poor Freud out of his presidential portrait. There is much to commend here … Continue reading

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Five Mistakes Obama Made

Tonight Barack Obama will effectively clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, even though it could still take a day or two for enough superdelegates to rally to his side, and for Hillary Clinton to accept the inevitable. Therefore, this is as … Continue reading

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