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Remembering ‘Jack & Bobby’

Again, my thanks to Bryan for leaving the comment to which this piece is an extended reply. Read my initial response here. Last week’s television Upfronts, where the five major broadcast networks unveiled their lineups for 2009-10, were short on … Continue reading

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Obama Picks Sotomayor For SCOTUS: Some Thoughts On Gay Issues And Identity Politics

Straying from our usual preoccupation with pop culture, the events of the week simply couldn’t keep me from writing a little bit about American politics. Both as a political junkie and as a gay man, this week has been really … Continue reading

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Extending Winning Streak To Three Months Means May Sexiest Male Title Is Still A First For Emile Hirsch

At first glance, this might seem like a rather uneventful month on the Sexiest Males Alive list, with the delayed Norwegian release of 17 Again postponing the inevitable Emile Hirsch/Zac Efron showdown t0 June, at the earliest. Also, the fact … Continue reading

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On Jay Brannan And Escaping ‘Gay-By-Association’

My thanks to Bryan for inspiring me to write this piece. While trying to write about the music of singer/songwriter/actor Jay Brannan, I realized that it would be harder than I thought. Not because I was unsure about what I … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Chris Egan

First, if you don’t immediately recognize the name Chris Egan, I won’t hold that against you. Sure, close readers of this blog would know that he has been a Top Twenty staple on the Sexiest Males Alive list, and maybe … Continue reading

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In ‘Shortbus’, The Loneliness Of A Subsiding Orgasm

Don’t you just hate the term sex comedy? One thing is that it comes with associations to several waves of mediocre teen movies (like Porky’s in the 1980’s, or American Pie in the 90’s and 00’s), another is that it’s … Continue reading

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