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Early Gay Crushes: Adam Brody

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but the last installment in this series was on Jesse Eisenberg around two years ago. Back then, I wrote about how my Eisenberg crush was as much based on my wish to … Continue reading

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Return To Innocence

Tracy Clark-Flory did an exciting project on Salon this week. She asked for reader submissions documenting their first celebrity crushes, from diary entries to emails, instant messages and fanmail. It’s accompanied by a smart piece about how she was looking … Continue reading

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In Belated August Upset, Efron Wins Back SMA Title

Before you re-read David Plotz’ otherwise excellent case for abolishing August (it’s such a crappy month that even its SMA edition runs late!), consider the August edition of the Sexiest Males Alive list. Things have been fairly stable for months … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Jesse McCartney

Technically, I suppose that including Jesse McCartney in the Early Gay Crushes series would have to mean that anyone I might have had a celebrity crush on before I admitted to myself that I was gay would now be eligible. … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Chris Egan

First, if you don’t immediately recognize the name Chris Egan, I won’t hold that against you. Sure, close readers of this blog would know that he has been a Top Twenty staple on the Sexiest Males Alive list, and maybe … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Ethan Hawke

He has always been there somewhere of course, but for some reason I had to see the totally Ethan Hawke-less The Empeor’s Club to get the guy back on my radar. The comparison might be obvious to the point of … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Joshua Jackson

When I see what movies are offered to moviegoing kids these days (seriosly, Beverly Hills Chihuahua?!), I’m sometimes surprised by what you can get away with in today’s Hollywood, and how the kids themselves seem to be perfectly fine with … Continue reading

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