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Rafael Nadal, And Other Reasons Tennis Is A Treasure Trove For Gays

Sports is not exactly the most important thing in my life, but it’s still quite important (Damn, that’s sounds so sad! Could it be more obvious that I don’t have a boyfriend?). There is an absolutely terrific soccer championship coming … Continue reading

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Emile Hirsch Is Hot. ‘Speed Racer’ Isn’t.

I should’ve known that nothing good would come out of letting my shallow side get the best of me. Yes, ‘Speed Racer’ lead Emile Hirsch is one of the Sexiest Males Alive. Yes, when I applied the same reasoning to … Continue reading

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‘High School Musical’ Character Ryan Evans Is Out And About

It was probably no shock to dedicated followers of Disney’s High School Musical, but in the stage version of the film, the obvious is finally revealed: Prolific dancer and on-again-off again Troy Bolton foe Ryan Evans (played by Lucas Grabeel … Continue reading

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The New Attitude Magazine Website

When I had just recently come out, I was looking for a sense of fellowship and shared experience with other gay people like me. It was nothing sexual about it, not even a need to meet other people. Quite the … Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo, And Other Reasons Soccer Is A Treasure Trove For Gays

First, let me quickly vent my frustration at the use of the term ‘soccer fan’. While I no doubt am a big fan of the game itself, it makes absolutely no sense to define one’s dedication to the sport in … Continue reading

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For June, Jesse McCartney Is Named Sexiest Male

I recently introduced a new list on the top of my front page, ‘Sexiest Males Alive’. The title is fairly self-explanatory; I intend to continually expand and edit the list as of my liking. At the turn of each month, … Continue reading

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Five Mistakes Obama Made

Tonight Barack Obama will effectively clinch the Democratic presidential nomination, even though it could still take a day or two for enough superdelegates to rally to his side, and for Hillary Clinton to accept the inevitable. Therefore, this is as … Continue reading

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