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The Case For Caring About Famous Dead People

The response to the recent news about the death of John Hughes, director of seminal teen comedy works like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club, was interesting in a number of ways. Not only because his death gave … Continue reading

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‘The Line of Beauty’, Or The Elephant In The Ballroom

Amid all the lies, wars, corruption, authoritarianism and disingenuous privatization schemes, it’s easy to forgetĀ  the things Tony Blair’s New Labour actually got right. In addition to several policy initiatives aimed at improving the state of public health care and … Continue reading

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After Three Years Of Gayness, A Re-Post

With some minor tweaks, and in honor of my now three-year gayniversary; a re-post of my 2008 coming-out piece Two Years Ago Today Since I Came Out. *** August 7 is the one day of the year when I allow … Continue reading

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All The Right Reasons Why I Love The Jayhawks

There’s always something challenging when your favorite band decides to put together a best-of compilation. You are guaranteed to disagree with some of the song choices, and there is also the little detail that best-of albums by default point to … Continue reading

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