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What ‘The Dark Knight’ Could Mean For Ledger’s Legacy

I’m not writing this piece because I want to diminish Heath Ledger enigmatic performance as Joker in The Dark Knight in any way. He brought a combination of cartoonish evilness and truly unpredictable darkness to Christopher Nolan’s wonderfully rich reboot … Continue reading

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‘Beautiful People’, The Epitome of Fabulosity

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that my answer to Tim Teeman’s nostalgia question (see below) was ‘yes’. The correct answer should have been ‘no’. The error has been corrected. Some minor language editing has been performed. … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Ethan Hawke

He has always been there somewhere of course, but for some reason I had to see the totally Ethan Hawke-less The Empeor’s Club to get the guy back on my radar. The comparison might be obvious to the point of … Continue reading

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For April’s Sexiest Male, It’s Still Emile

Despite remaining at the top of the SMA list, April hasn’t been a month of all good for Emile Hirsch. I saw him in the somewhat clunky Emperor’s Club early this, and by then he seemed poised to coast to … Continue reading

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Consider The Hipster

Before we begin, I just have to issue a warning: This is yet another essay on Fight Club, David Fincher’s 1999 adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel. You would have my utmost sympathy if, upon knowing this, you stopped reading immediately, … Continue reading

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Not All ‘Doom’ And Gloom In Gregg Araki’s New Queer Cinema Past

When I first watched Gregg Araki’s Totally Fu***ed Up, I was taken by a sense of relief that here, finally, was a film about gay youngsters whose main scope was not a coming out story. Likewise, when I saw The … Continue reading

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