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Taking Woodstock Out Of ‘Taking Woodstock’

Ang Lee doesn’t owe me anything. If any, I owe him to be grateful for the impressive string of great films he has made over the years, from Sense and Sensibility and The Ice Storm, to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon … Continue reading

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In Belated August Upset, Efron Wins Back SMA Title

Before you re-read David Plotz’ otherwise excellent case for abolishing August (it’s such a crappy month that even its SMA edition runs late!), consider the August edition of the Sexiest Males Alive list. Things have been fairly stable for months … Continue reading

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For April’s Sexiest Male, It’s Still Emile

Despite remaining at the top of the SMA list, April hasn’t been a month of all good for Emile Hirsch. I saw him in the somewhat clunky Emperor’s Club early this, and by then he seemed poised to coast to … Continue reading

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With Trailer, Ang Lee’s ‘Woodstock’ Takes Me By Surprise

You gotta give this to Ang Lee: He never does exactly what you expect him to do. More than many other Hollywood heavies with background in international cinema, Lee has insisted on and succeeded in building a career that lets … Continue reading

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Harvey Milk, I’m Here To Salute You

With the Oscars (which we all pretend to ignore, but ultimately don’t) just days away, Gus van Sant’s Milk has finally come to Norwegian movie theaters. For months I’ve been hearing great things about this movie, and over the last … Continue reading

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With New Year, Jesse McCartney Is Back As Sexiest Male

After a several months long absence the SMA list is back , and as has become rather common by now, we have a new man at the top. Not that he hasn’t been up there before: Jesse McCartney finally gets … Continue reading

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These Are The Young Leonardos

When he first made himself a reputation in the early to-mid nineties, Leonardo DiCaprio was often compared to River Phoenix, who died of an overdose in 1993, after having shown off his obvious talents in movies like Stand By Me … Continue reading

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In ‘Mudge Boy’, Emile Hirsch Comes With Quirks And Perks

Emile Hirsch certainly is his own man. Yes, he did Speed Racer, that awful Wachowski Brothers kids spectacle; and the lowest common denominator doesn’t get much lower than Girl Next Door, but you have to give him credit for much … Continue reading

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Emile Hirsch Is Hot. ‘Speed Racer’ Isn’t.

I should’ve known that nothing good would come out of letting my shallow side get the best of me. Yes, ‘Speed Racer’ lead Emile Hirsch is one of the Sexiest Males Alive. Yes, when I applied the same reasoning to … Continue reading

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