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“The icing, not the cake”: Gazing Gayly at the World Cup

The World Cup was decided weeks ago – and as my previous post should attest to, it was decided to my definitive satisfaction – but I’m not quite done with it yet. When the tournament started, Amanda Hess wrote a … Continue reading

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Bringing Jesse Back

However irregularly this blog has been updated over the years, I have nonetheless managed to single out a couple of recurring characters who have been given extra attention. There’s Hanson, of course, to whom we will hopefully return shortly for … Continue reading

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How I Watch the Olympics, or: Tom Daley is Freaking Gorgeous

I’ve never quite understood people who call themselves¬†sports fans. While I certainly can understand the appeal of specific sports, my way into a sport tends to be via specific teams or athletes, not out of a blanket fascination with the … Continue reading

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Euro 2012 Delivered The Goods

Another soccer championship is over, and in the end Euro 2012 was satisfying in several ways. Sure, I was disappointed that the German Golden Generation, so determined and entertaining until the semi-final, once again stumbled when things started to get … Continue reading

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June’s SMA Winner, Three Years In The Making

Once intended to be a monthly feature, and fulfilled as such¬† for the first year or so, there has not been a new Sexiest Males Alive list since October 2010. As the longest running feature of this blog, and by … Continue reading

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Disney, Dancing Are Things Of The Past As Zac Efron Ditches ‘Footloose’

I of course couldn’t care less about the suddenly unclear future of Paramount’s scheduled Footloose remake, but I do care about the fact that Zac Efron will no longer headline it. Some harsh voices have said that this should be … Continue reading

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Emile Hirsch Is The Man To Beat For March’s Sexiest Male

In a widely expected development, all-around gay Emile Hirsch of Milk has run with the Sexiest Male Alive title for March. People who inspire me to se a film twice in one week deserve to have that honor. Still, there … Continue reading

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