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What Justin Bieber Can Tell Us About The State Of Television

This is not meant as a post about me being late to the Justin Bieber party. Seriously, it’s not. But with this Canadian teenager’s place in pop culture, I feel like I have to make one thing clear from the … Continue reading

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Where Are The Soccer Homos?

There were some things that were missing from the soccer World Cup that just wrapped: Stars like Rio Ferdinand and Michael Ballack were injured, Ronaldinho wasn’t even capped, and Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres underperformed. There were things … Continue reading

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“It’s kind of an art, but it’s also a fantasy”: Notes on ‘Sex/Life in L.A.’

Reviewing Jeffrey Escoffier’s gay porn history Bigger Than Life recently, I also talked about the first time I saw Jochen Hick’s documentary double feature on the business, Sex/Life in L.A (1998) and Cycles of Porn: Sex/Life in L.A. Part 2 … Continue reading

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For SMA’s June Anniversary, Zac Hanson Gets His Revenge

There’s no limit to how wrong I can be sometimes. Now the time has come to give a particularly tough spin on my apology to Zac Hanson, of whom I said – in an adoring Early Gay Crushes piece, no … Continue reading

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