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In Third Season Of ‘Skins’, A New Beginning. A Good One, Too

There’s a very real risk of alienation associated with introducing a whole new slate of characters to a television universe viewers have already grown familiar with and attached to, no matter how much work you put into making it seem … Continue reading

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Emile Hirsch Soldiers On Atop July’s SMA, With Zac Hanson Suddenly One To Watch

It’s another fairly stable month on the Sexiest Males Alive last, and as usual Emile Hirsch is that stability’s best ambassador. This month he fended off a surprisingly strong challenge from Jesse McCartney, one I admit picked up steam after … Continue reading

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In Cinematic Mythology, The Hustler Is A Symbol Of Independence

Several things came to mind when I rewatched Gus van Sant’s still magnificently playful and daring My Own Private Idaho recently; how great it was to see River Phoenix again, that it was refreshing to watch a Keanu Reeves movie … Continue reading

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Introducing ‘What To Read’

I have several articles on my notepad for the time to come, but for some reason, none of them will allow themselves to be written at the moment. Partly for that reason, I’m happy to introduce What To Read, a … Continue reading

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This Time ‘In Living Cover’, It’s Jay Brannan

Correction, July 26: This post originally misquoted a lyric from the song Drowning. The error has now been revised. I would like to thank reader James for pointing it out. Despite that I first heard his 2008 release, Goddamned, only … Continue reading

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Did ‘Total Eclipse’ Deserve Leonardo DiCaprio?

If you remember back to my Young Leonardos post last December, you’d know that actual physical resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio was only of the criteria to qualify for inclusion (although admittedly, it was the most important one). Since Leo is … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Jesse McCartney

Technically, I suppose that including Jesse McCartney in the Early Gay Crushes series would have to mean that anyone I might have had a celebrity crush on before I admitted to myself that I was gay would now be eligible. … Continue reading

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What I Learned From ‘Into The Wild’, The Fourth Time Around

This is an expanded and revised version of a review that first appeared online in March 2008. This piece was updated July 5, with new paragraphs on the psychoanalytical angle and the possible idealization of Chris McCandless’ destiny. *** It … Continue reading

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