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Early Gay Crushes: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

I’ve written previously about how one of the first things I did after I realized I was gay, was to think back at my childhood and early teen years for signs of my apparent homosexuality. And even though I didn’t … Continue reading

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In Defense Of Backstreet Boys

In the shadows of interactive anonymity I can finally admit it: I am, and have to some extend always been, a Backstreet Boys fan. Careful not to commit social suicide, this has been my own personal secret, although I suspect … Continue reading

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Two Years Ago Today Since I Came Out

This is where this blog takes a turn for the conventional online diary, but frankly, I don’t give a damn. ______________________________________________________________________________ August 7 is the one day of the year when I allow myself to be absolutely, unabashedly, one-hundred percent … Continue reading

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How I Tried And Failed To Hate Jonas Brothers

I’ve written several times before about how I don’t want to confirm gay stereotypes. Yes, I love ABBA, I confess to love Savage Garden, have been a Hanson fan for a decade, and I’ve even grown fond of movie musicals … Continue reading

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