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On the Death of Cory Monteith

For no reason, I decided to watch the 2011 Glee concert movie just three weeks ago. It was a very strange experience, for a couple of reasons. First, all background interviews were in character, so Lea Michele and Mark Salling were basically acting out … Continue reading

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From Beginning to End

Life has taught me that you’re never supposed to tell young people that there is anything they are not allowed to do, since that will only increase the likelihood that they’ll do just that. And what good would it do, … Continue reading

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Anyone who has even glanced at the Sexiest Males Alive list over the years would probably suspect that I’m an avid Disney Channel viewer. And they would be right. I enjoy some of their sitcoms up to a point (the … Continue reading

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Two’s A Trend

What a week it has been for casual coming-out stories. Tuesday CNN news anchor and daytime talkshow Anderson Cooper came out, and then a couple of days later R&B singer and songwriter Frank Ocean of Odd Couple set the Twitterverse … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper Saves CNN From Itself

It’s been 2012 for a week already and this blog has roundup duties to take care of, but I just gott sneak this in before the Republican presidential freakshow exhibit moves on from New Hampshire and thus renders the results … Continue reading

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We Sing, We Dance, We Reveal Things

Sometimes, watching a new episode of Glee reminds me of watching The O.C. It’s not because these two shows had anything else in common besides the high school setting, but because both shows, while sharp and well-written at their best, … Continue reading

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‘The Line of Beauty’, Or The Elephant In The Ballroom

Amid all the lies, wars, corruption, authoritarianism and disingenuous privatization schemes, it’s easy to forget  the things Tony Blair’s New Labour actually got right. In addition to several policy initiatives aimed at improving the state of public health care and … Continue reading

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In Third Season Of ‘Skins’, A New Beginning. A Good One, Too

There’s a very real risk of alienation associated with introducing a whole new slate of characters to a television universe viewers have already grown familiar with and attached to, no matter how much work you put into making it seem … Continue reading

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‘Beautiful People’, The Epitome of Fabulosity

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that my answer to Tim Teeman’s nostalgia question (see below) was ‘yes’. The correct answer should have been ‘no’. The error has been corrected. Some minor language editing has been performed. … Continue reading

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‘Desperate Housewives’ Marks Return To Spotlight For ‘Heaven’s Scotty Leavenworth

Since I’ve already come clean about my long history as a loyal Camdenite, it seems only natural that I write briefly about what has become of the stars of 7th Heaven. Barry Watson went on to do failed sophomore drama … Continue reading

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