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Early Gay Crushes: Ryan Phillippe

Nowadays, all major horror flicks are remakes of Asian gorefests, featuring screamy women running from creepy new tech devices seemingly out to kill them. But there was a time, not that long ago, when horror movies still meant trying to … Continue reading

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Efron, Sheckler On Rise As Hunter Parrish Fends Off Challenge For September’s Sexiest Male

The list is back after an August hiatus, with what we might call the Lessons From My Brother Edition. This blog has been a secret pet project of mine for the last several months, and I intended for it to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Know About Your Celebrity Friends (Not Even If It’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas)

This may very quickly turn into a rant, but the essence is this: I was replying to a comment I received on a previous post about how the character Ryan Evans was outed in the stage version of High School … Continue reading

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More On My Convenient Soccer Obsession

During this summer’s Euro 2008 campaign, I confessed my passion for soccer. Like it or not, but sporting events actually has the potential to make or break a day for me. Luckily, you just caught me on one of the … Continue reading

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Madonna, Fabulous Ice Queen

Madonna is one of those gay icons, possibly rivaled only by Kylie Minogue, whose flashy, extravagant lifestyle, floor-filling pop credentials and ability to embrace her iconic status, seemingly makes her practically unassailable. Worship has been passed on from gays who … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Zac Hanson

Zac Hanson will never be hot (but he comes close at times). When Hanson burst onto the international music scene with their infectious pop smash MMMBop back in 1997, he still had his long and unruly, girly hair, and even … Continue reading

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