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In ‘Imaginary Heroes’, All That I Need

I’ve written earlier about how I may choose a movie for relatively shallow reasons (i.e., I saw Superbad for the sheer cuteness of Michael Cera), and I have to admit that initially I was drawn to Dan Harris’s Imaginary Heroes … Continue reading

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Rewatching Queer as Folk, Revisiting Me

Like any young gay to have come out just recently, I was looking for appreciation of gayness in all of mainstream pop culture, which in late summer of 2006 led me to Channel 4’s soapy gay drama Queer as Folk. … Continue reading

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For Girlie Guy Efron, Gay Rumours Are Sure To Persist

When Zac Efron burst onto the celeb scene courtesy of his role as Cameron Bale on the short-lived WB whiner Summerland back in 2004, it was hard to see this as a step toward immediate super-stardom. On the show, he … Continue reading

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Michael Cera Got Me Through ‘Superbad’

If anyone (me?) were in need of proof that my gayness sometimes affects my good judgment, they need look no longer than to the fact that I went to the movies to see the utterly vulgar hornflick Superbad yesterday. The … Continue reading

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