Michael Cera Got Me Through ‘Superbad’

If anyone (me?) were in need of proof that my gayness sometimes affects my good judgment, they need look no longer than to the fact that I went to the movies to see the utterly vulgar hornflick Superbad yesterday. The movie – of course! – is pure crap, but I was pleasantly surprised learning that at least this wasn’t literally true. Since I knew this from just watching the trailer, why did I go to see it anyway?

The answer is as simple as it is shallow: Michael Cera. The incredibly gifted Arrested Development co-star is not your average teen heartthrob, but the few extra years have done him very good. When I sometimes look back in my personal history for early signs of apparent gayness, I note my early ability to connect to/fall in love with all kinds of young movie actors, no matter how attractive or non-spectacular their looks. Just like I instantly fell in love with the then average-looking Joshua Jackson in his infamous Mighty Ducks years, I found Cera’s geeky appearance in Arrested Development comforting.

In Superbad, his appearance has gone from comforting to downright arousing. His cute smile and almost tender physique, combined with a soft and slightly effeminate voice, had my blood boiling. And then, near the end, he even took off his shirt, to show his cute nipples. Needless to say, it made my day. And even more needless to say yet, I made my day a couple of times in my mind once I got home, if you know what I mean.

In his own geeky way he’s so cute, I might even watch Superbad again. But then I’ll get straight to the good stuff.

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