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Gay Porn, Taken Seriously

If after you’ve read a book, you find yourself more interested in what was left out, what didn’t fit the narrative, than what was actually in it, that can be both a good or a bad sign. Good, if it … Continue reading

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‘The seeds of normalcy that never grew’: My Interview with Bryan Borland

Bryan Borland is practically glowing these days. His first poetry collection, My Life as Adam, has just been published, and he’s obviously proud of it. Or at least I think he’s glowing. It’s hard to know when you do an … Continue reading

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My Favorite Political Pundits

This blog has been known to dip its toes into politics every once in a while, and you can follow my musings on American politics and lots of other stuff on Twitter, @queerlefty. This brief break from our regularly scheduled … Continue reading

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Historic February SMA Has A New #1

There are several reasons why this month’s Sexiest Males Alive list is historic, the least of which is that this is the first ever February edition of the SMA. More importantly, we have a new #1. And not just a … Continue reading

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‘I’m A Nick Jonas Jonas’

It’s was not that long ago that I criticized music critics for comparing Jonas Brothers to Hanson almost by default. Since I probably like them both much, much better than the next guy, I don’t think either of them should … Continue reading

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And I Love Them

In the Washington Post’s recent America’s Next Online Columnist contest, one piece of advise for the contestants was that they should avoid anniversary columns at all cost. The may be an easy five hundred words for the writer, but they’re … Continue reading

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