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“We encourage spontaneous displays of patriotism…”

Being a left-leaning sometime idealist, I like to believe I have an uncomplicated relationship with freedom of speech. I’ll defend the right to publish controversial cartoons from threats from religious extremists; I’ll defend the right to say incredibly incendiary things, … Continue reading

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“Can I pass you the sensory assault?”: On Jay Brannan’s ‘Rob Me Blind’

Ninety seconds into┬áLa La La, a track from Jay Brannan’s new album Rob Me Blind, he suddenly veers into something approaching 2000’s college rock, when the lyrics take an aggressive turn. It’s an unexpected development from an artist I had … Continue reading

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Two’s A Trend

What a week it has been for casual coming-out stories. Tuesday CNN news anchor and daytime talkshow Anderson Cooper came out, and then a couple of days later R&B singer and songwriter Frank Ocean of Odd Couple set the Twitterverse … Continue reading

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Euro 2012 Delivered The Goods

Another soccer championship is over, and in the end Euro 2012 was satisfying in several ways. Sure, I was disappointed that the German Golden Generation, so determined and entertaining until the semi-final, once again stumbled when things started to get … Continue reading

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