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Another Summer of World Cup Crushes

Let me interrupt the regular flow of pop culture commentary for a quick note on the World Cup. First, briefly, the substance

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Why I Don’t Cry At The Movies

Movies don’t make me cry, not even in private. I think the last time I cried in a movie theater must have when I saw Free Willy when I was about seven. I get close to crying, though, and quite … Continue reading

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‘Mysterious Skin’ Will Make You Feel Bad About How Good It Is

Even people who have seen and loved it, tend to shake their heads when I tell them that I rewatch Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin (2004) at least twice a year. It’s a great movie, they say, but isn’t it enough … Continue reading

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The 25 Best Hanson Songs

One of the multiple upsides of watching Hanson’s re-broadcast of their 5 of 5 concert series (during which they played their way, chronologically, through their five studio albums, from 1997’s Middle of Nowhere to Shout It Out, released this week), … Continue reading

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The Wheelchair In The Room

There’s one thing about me that you wouldn’t be able to tell if you hadn’t seen pictures of me. A quick glance at the blog would reveal that I’m gay, and the generally nostalgic bent of my writing would probably … Continue reading

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‘Shout It Out’ Is More Hanson Than Ever

Not long ago, I was still hoping that the new Hanson album Shout It Out (out June 8, full preview here) would sound more like the Taylor Hanson-helmed supergroup Tinted Windows (whose 2009 debut album has accompanied me throughout the … Continue reading

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