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Early Gay Crushes: Brad Renfro

I debated for a long time whether I was comfortable with putting this post in the Early Gay Crushes section. He was, no doubt, an early crush of mine, but the fact that he died earlier this year makes the … Continue reading

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Rejecting The Mainstream, Salon Still Serves Up Some Sexiness

There is something annoying about people who default to contrarianism. It tends to smack of cultural elitism, and it runs the risk of coming off as self-congratulatory. But whether you like the tone of leftist publications like Salon (or longtime … Continue reading

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In ‘Mudge Boy’, Emile Hirsch Comes With Quirks And Perks

Emile Hirsch certainly is his own man. Yes, he did Speed Racer, that awful Wachowski Brothers kids spectacle; and the lowest common denominator doesn’t get much lower than Girl Next Door, but you have to give him credit for much … Continue reading

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‘Desperate Housewives’ Marks Return To Spotlight For ‘Heaven’s Scotty Leavenworth

Since I’ve already come clean about my long history as a loyal Camdenite, it seems only natural that I write briefly about what has become of the stars of 7th Heaven. Barry Watson went on to do failed sophomore drama … Continue reading

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High School Musical 3: ‘Maybe I don’t see my life as a ballgame anymore’

Are you ready for the most meta musical of recent Hollywood history? Probably not, but you’re fairly likely to see it anyway, if you haven’t already. It turns out High School Musical 3: Senior Year, the final installment in what … Continue reading

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Zac Efron Dethrones Hunter Parrish, Relegates Jesse McCartney, To Become October’s Sexiest Male

Better late than never, here’s the October edition of the Sexiest Males Alive List. If ever there was a time when Zac Efron had a shot at taking top honors, this would surely have to be it. And not surprisingly, … Continue reading

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