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Weighing In, Belatedly, On Obama’s Marriage Announcement

I’m not sure if you can really be late to a party that shows no sign of stopping, but even if it’s been three weeks since Barack Obama came out, as it were, in favor of marriage equality, I feel … Continue reading

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The Nobel Peace Prize: Is It Too Soon?

Out of respect for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton legacy. I never got myself to fully choose between Clinton and Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primaries, once my favorite candidate, John Edwards (yeah, I know) dropped out. But even … Continue reading

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Rejecting The Mainstream, Salon Still Serves Up Some Sexiness

There is something annoying about people who default to contrarianism. It tends to smack of cultural elitism, and it runs the risk of coming off as self-congratulatory. But whether you like the tone of leftist publications like Salon (or longtime … Continue reading

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