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The Return of the Young Leonardos

BackĀ  in 2008, I singled out Emile Hirsch, Michael Pitt and Kevin Zegers as three Young Leonardos (YLs). The standard was somewhat lazily applied, as it was not readily apparent what it took to be in contention for the title, … Continue reading

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My Mood Piece on ‘Titanic’

One of the many pleasures of rewatching movies is that you discover somethng new every time. And I don’t mean just what’s on screen. Repeated exposure to what you thought was a familiar narrative will reveal things you hadn’t noticed … Continue reading

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Did ‘Total Eclipse’ Deserve Leonardo DiCaprio?

If you remember back to my Young Leonardos post last December, you’d know that actual physical resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio was only of the criteria to qualify for inclusion (although admittedly, it was the most important one). Since Leo is … Continue reading

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These Are The Young Leonardos

When he first made himself a reputation in the early to-mid nineties, Leonardo DiCaprio was often compared to River Phoenix, who died of an overdose in 1993, after having shown off his obvious talents in movies like Stand By Me … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Leonardo DiCaprio

Every time I sit down to put together a new Sexiest Males Alive list, I ask myself the same question: Should Leonardo DiCaprio even be on here? That of course would seem like a very common question, as the whole … Continue reading

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