For April’s Sexiest Male, It’s Still Emile

Despite remaining at the top of the SMA list, April hasn’t been a month of all good for Emile Hirsch. I saw him in the somewhat clunky Emperor’s Club early this, and by then he seemed poised to coast to an easy victory. As I’ve written about however, I was not thrilled with how he came off in the trailer for Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock. He ultimately won on the strenght of Millk, but the competition is as tough as ever. In this very competitive environment, Ryan Sheckler’s seven spot rise is enough to win him Climber Of The Month, while the more dubious honor of having taken the deepest dive is bestowed upon Randy Harrison, who slipped a whopping eleven spots, to nearly fall off the list. On to happier news, we have four newcomers this month, three of which – High School Musical star Matt Prokop, singer/actor Shad Moss and actor William Moseley – apart from looking completely gorgeous, are also placed so close to each other on the list that it could be really interesting to see who of them will keep momentum going into May. Since March, we’ve at least temporarily lost the company of Joe Dempsie, Lucas Grabeel, Chad Michael Murray, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ed Westwick. Except for Grabeel, they’ve all been with us for some time now, but for Westwick in particular it has been a rocky ride. His departure was not totally unexpected. In the unexpected developments department then, both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Agger are welcomed back.

As always, the changes on the list are usually caused by any particular guy being considered by me to be relatively more attractive than he was considered last month. That, however, of course doesn’t necessarily mean that any of the other people on this list have become markedly less attractive, only that they perhaps have not been as good at getting my attention lately. With that said, let’s break it down:

#1-10: Zac Efron’s challenge to Hirsch fell short, but his entertaining appearance on the very gay UK based Graham Norton Show nevertheless give him a good platform from which to mount another one next month. He could however suffer from the fact that his upcoming comedy 17 Again is not set to open in Norway until late June. Elsewhere, Mitch Hewer bounces back to take #5, courtesy of a(nother?) Kai Feng photo shoot I hadn’t seen before, but perhaps paradoxically, the same shoot did not prevent his Skins co-star Nick Hoult from sliding to sixth. Gaspard Ulliel got a boost simply I decide to re-google him (which in itself indicates I’m highly aware of his hotness), while Ryan Sheckler’s rise could be just another temporary uptick in his somewhat unpredictable relationship with the top tier. Finally, Logan Lerman continues his rehabilitation from Black January, and we give a hand to David Gallagher for being one of those seemingly immune to any of the ups and downs of his colleagues.

11-20: Here, Raviv Ullman’s nine spot slide is the obvious standout. Since I cannot find any other plausible reason than that I’ve soured further on Normal Adolescent Behavior, his 2006 film appearance, I wouldn’t read too much into it. Maybe he was hit by the rise of Lerman and Ulliel or something. Alex Pettyfer’s slide to #16 seems to resemble the volatility of Ryan Sheckler, but so long as I’m not starting to seriously question his hotness, he should be very capeable of climb back. Jesse Eisenberg clearly benefited from his small role in the aforementioned Emperor’s Club, reaffirming his geeky charms in a way that also bolstered him when I rewatched The Squid and the Whale a while ago. Also, the photo stills from and critical praise of his new movies Adventureland and The Education of Charlie Banks may perfectly well have contributed to his impressive #17 showing, reversing his March slide. A short glimpse of Kevin Zegers in a film I didn’t even catch the name of, was enough to keep his name warm. Capping off the second tier, Zac Hanson’s rapid rise have reached a halt, while Jamie Bell confirms this is where he belongs.

21-30: If Zac Hanson suffered a minor setback, it could be argued that he’s still looking up, as HSM3‘s Matt Prokop, debuting at #22, sorta looks like him. He shares the newcomer glory with Shad Moss, also known as Bow Wow, whose season four guest appearance on Entourage upped the eye-candy factor of that show significantly. Reporting back on March’s best-positioned newcomer, I’m pleased to say that Dev Patel is holding up fairly well. Dropping six spots might seem a cause for concern, but he has, after all, denied the Slumdog backlash to take hold in my head. In less notable news, former Home and Away star Mitch Firth climbs for the first time in a while, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas holds up well with his strong mid-twenties showing, despite a slight slip. Aaron Carter experiences a four-spot decline, but taking his somewhat unpredictable history on the list into account, coming in #28 is not at all bad.

31-40: In positive news, angelic Narnian William Moseley debuts at #31, and Rafi Gavron manages to climb ever so slightly, even though there are still no signs of a Norwegian release for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Several of the others here hold real potential with regard to obtaining a higher position in the near future, but for now, Rafael Nadal, Leonardo DiCaprio and Taylor Hanson are all down. I’m thinking about seeing Titanic again for a possible future post though, which might benefit him. From the world of soccer, Liverpool’s Fernando Torres has had a terrific in every way other than slipping on the SMA list. Considering how Cristiano Ronaldo March malaise was partly grounded in my deep disaffection for his team, I’m a little distubred by the fact that my equally deeply love for both Torres and Liverpool seemingly are not enough to give him a boost. May would however give him the opportunity the shoot Liverpool toward their first Premiership title in twenty years. If he succeeds at that, there’s no telling how high he could go. Back from the cold only last month, Daniel Radcliffe continues to ride his gay-friendly vibe to new hights. Meanwhile, the jury’s still out on the whether Chace Crawford is proof that pretty is the new boring.

41-50: Joe Jonas’ slip into the forties comes after a month in which the Jonas Brothers 3D concert movie underperformed at the box office, though I’m not saying there’s a correlation here. It’s too early to tell, but it could actually be that I need a little time off the Jonas tweenyboppin’ rollercoaster. Likewise, Cody Linley’s performance could possibly be attributed to some kind of Hannah Montana fatigue on my part (I never was a fan of the show in the first place. Honestly.) Miles away from the Disney Channel mainstream, Joseph Gordon Levitt’s comeback offer further proof that smarts can be sexy, and he’s also reunited with his Mysterious Skin co-star Brady Corbett (#45). Daniel Agger is riding on the coattails of Liverpool’s recent success, while Newcastle’s young striker squeaks in at #47 due to genuine hotness and a late equalizer against Stoke City last week.

  1. Emile Hirsch (1)
  2. Zac Efron (3)
  3. Jesse McCartney (4)
  4. Hunter Parrish (6)
  5. Mitch Hewer (7)
  6. Nicholas Hoult (2)
  7. Gaspard Ulliel (12)
  8. David Gallagher (8)
  9. Ryan Sheckler (16)
  10. Logan Lerman (14)
  11. Chris Egan (10)
  12. Charlie Hunnam (13)
  13. Tyler Hoechlin (11)
  14. Raviv Ullman (5)
  15. Alex Pettyfer (9)
  16. Kevin Zegers (16)
  17. Jesse Eisenberg (23)
  18. Ryan Donowho (18)
  19. Zac Hanson (15)
  20. Jamie Bell (20)
  21. Ed Speleers (17)
  22. Matt Prokop (new)
  23. Cristiano Ronaldo (22)
  24. Sean Faris (26)
  25. Shad Moss (new)
  26. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (25)
  27. Devon Patel (21)
  28. Aaron Carter (24)
  29. Adam Brody (28)
  30. Mitch Firth (31)
  31. William Moseley (new)
  32. Rafi Gavron (33)
  33. Leonardo DiCaprio (27)
  34. Fernando Torres (30)
  35. Taylor Hanson (32)
  36. Rafael Nadal (29)
  37. Ryan Phillippe (36)
  38. Gareth Bale (41)
  39. Daniel Radcliffe (42)
  40. Chace Crawford (34)
  41. Joe Jonas (35)
  42. Cody Linley (39)
  43. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (RE)
  44. Max Theriot (40)
  45. Brady Corbett (45)
  46. Daniel Agger (RE)
  47. Andrew Carroll (new)
  48. Randy Harrison (37)
  49. Rhys Wakefield (50)
  50. Michael Pitt (45)
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12 Responses to For April’s Sexiest Male, It’s Still Emile

  1. poeticgrin says:

    Can I just say that despite the artistic beauty of and the genius-analytical observations within your more ‘mainstream’ posts – your Sexiest Male lists are like a hug to me. They are, after all, how I found you to begin with, I believe. The seriousness of which you approach and build and then deconstruct these rankings always wows me and impresses me and, yes, even makes me drool. I’ve been ‘turned on[to]” several of these seductive specimens through your gentle prodding. :) I will also say that I spent way too much time watching Number 9 on MTV this weekend as a means to calm my nerves before my reading.

    I also adore you for keeping Zac Hanson in the spotlight he so deserves.

  2. poeticgrin says:

    Oh – and 26 and 37 will probably always be number 2 and 3 in my book, behind Mr. ZH.

  3. queerlefty says:

    “[Y]our Sexiest Male lists are like a hug to me”. I really appreciate you saying that. While I generally loath the faux intimacy (hehe) of the blogosphere, that’s sort of what I’m aiming for. These posts are supposed to be fairly light reads, meant to inspire discussion – and, obviously, other things – among people of our sensibility. But I never imagined there would be anything even remotely ‘impressive’ about them, so thank you so very much.

    The list thing itself is something I’ve been doing for quite some time. I remember making one a couple of years before I came to terms with being gay. I forced myself to make one for attractive women and one for men, but I didn’t make something of the fact that my male list soon spanned more than fifty names, while the female one was practically empty. Back then I think David Gallagher was number one btw. (Unnecessarily personal nostalgic rant over).

    “The seriousness of which you approach and build and then deconstruct these rankings (…)” At first look, I was somewhat ashamed of reading that, because it seemed to suggest that I’m using lots of time doing research – please hold your jokes! – in order to compose the list, and what that would say about me, but then I realized it’s actually true (the seriousness part, at least). But still, what _does_ it say about me that I half-assume that readers will be interested in knowing whether I think more highly of Alex Pettyfer this month than I did in March? Not sure I wanna think about that, hehe.

    Finally, I just wondered a little about your considering these posts less ‘mainstream’ that my other pieces? Instantly, I would assume them to be more immediate and accessible, but then again, the SMA posts are quite specifically gay in scope?

    I’m sorry if this response comes off as self-congratulatory or self-centered. Anyway, thanks again for your dedication. My admiration for your work is practically limitless.

  4. poeticgrin says:

    The mainstream comment was more a reactionary comment about what I get out of the SMA posts than about your intent or delivery. To me, the SMA posts are candy that I savor and enjoy… a little more pop than the seriousness of your other posts. I approach reading the SMA posts a little differently than I do your other posts…. I’ll prop my feet up, relax a little more, and prepare sweat a little, taking a walk down a memory lane of my fantasies. Your other posts, I try to respond in a more academic way.

    I also was thinking mainstream in terms of the SMA being very gay-oriented, and while your other posts clearly are tinted gay at times, I don’t consider them flaming gay, for lack of a better term. The SMA posts? My friend, they are flaming gay and that’s what I meant. :) Flaming gay in a good way. You certainly leave me burning. And before you think that’s an insult – there are plenty of poems I have posted that are bitingly flaming gay and are not mainstream. And those poems are damn good.

    What is mainstream to the rest of the world might not be mainstream to a young gay man, and you are right on that point – that your SMA posts are more accessible to that demographic.

    And as far as “The seriousness of which you approach and build and then deconstruct these rankings” making you initially ashamed – NO!!!! I just meant you bring the same energy to these posts as you would any other post, and I love that! If you posted a half-ass list, I’d be disappointed. I want your skills showcased on everything.

    I don’t think your response was self-congratulatory or self-centered. And even if you did come across like that, well, more power to you! You’ve got the talent to back it up. This is your space, by the way. If you don’t showcase your opinions here… where would you?

    In journals I’ve kept going way back, I loved to list the guys who I thought were hot. That’s part of the reason I love SMA. I get what you mean about acceptance and agree with you. The crazy thing is – I did the same thing with a female list when I was about 16/17. My list was equally short. Once again, we are more alike than we realize.

    Also, I think you’ve reached a certain level of fame and achievement when we can abbreviate something you’ve created like SMA.

    You rock my world and you better recognize that.

    I feel the early stages of a poem coming on about you and I. We’ll see what comes of it. :) Not sure how long it will take to grow into maturity… but the seed is definitely there.

  5. poeticgrin says:

    You win the award for the longest comment I’ve ever posted. Geez, haven’t I ever heard of email?

  6. queerlefty says:

    “I think you’ve reached a certain level of fame and achievement when we can abbreviate something you’ve created like SMA.” Consider me deeply honored:)

    Holding that thought, I’m actually sort of excited that you labeled my SMA posts ‘flaming gay’. To me personally, this means that I’m able to express in writing some sensibilities that I almost never show in public, not because I’m necessarily ashamed of them, but rather because I’m not all that outgoing. No one, except for my sister and my (also gay) brother, have ever said to me that they could sense that I was gay before I came out, for instance. This space allows me to be ‘gayer’ than I am in everyday life.

    “[T]here are plenty of poems I have posted that are bitingly flaming gay and are not mainstream. And those poems are damn good.” They really are, Bryan. And that’s why I will take another opportunity to sincerely thank you for letting me use your poem in the Gregg Araki post. It really made it easier for me to sharpen my main argument. Also, it’s an exceptionally powerful poem. And since we’re talking about how some things can be more accessible to gay people, I wonder how a straight person’s reading would differ from that of a gay man (this is of course not meant to suggest sexual essensialism, that people equal their sexuality, nor is it to suggest that there can be only one authoritative reading, only that our understanding of these kinds of texts will inevitably be influenced by our own experiences).

    I recently told a straight friend of mine about this blog, and I’m a little interested in what he takes away from it (Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Jonas Brothers, SMA and all) but I haven’t dared to ask him yet (pathetic I know).

    “The crazy thing is – I did the same thing with a female list when I was about 16/17. My list was equally short. Once again, we are more alike than we realize.” Yeah, it seems like we have quite a lot in common. As for the female list, I’m still a little puzzled that I didn’t see the signs back then. Even they idea that I needed to make two lists should have made some bells go off. If I remember correctly though, Winona Ryder was the only name on my ‘list’.

    “I feel the early stages of a poem coming on about you and I. We’ll see what comes of it. :) Not sure how long it will take to grow into maturity… but the seed is definitely there.”
    I would love that. But take your time, I’m not going anywhere.

    “You rock my world and you better recognize that.” One word: Ditto.

    “You win the award for the longest comment I’ve ever posted. Geez, haven’t I ever heard of email?”

    You should certainly feel free to email me with raves or rants, or anything else for that matter, at

  7. All I had to do was read the title and then I had this stupid smile on my face! Thanks! Haha.

    Oh man… I miss SKINS. Reading Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult’s names brought up a lot of images in my head. No no, not dirty ones. Though I really did think they had some sort of strange chemistry on the show. I’ve only started watching Season 3 today and although it’s pretty good, I really miss the original cast.

    Chace Crawford. He’s my #2 right now. A friend told me that he’s the definition of my type. I was shocked to hear that because I didn’t even know that I had a type. But now that I look back on it, I kinda sorta do… Anyway, I hope to see him higher on the list next time. hehehe

  8. queerlefty says:

    “All I had to do was read the title and then I had this stupid smile on my face! Thanks! Haha.”

    Thanks. I really enjoy putting these lists together, so I’m glad you share some of my enthusiasm.

    On Hewer&Hoult I agree completely. There definitely was something there. I cannot guarantee that all the images in my head are quite as decent, heh. As for season 3, I’ve only seen the first four episodes, and I’m a little disappointed. But it could be that I’m simply holding it to the wrong standards.

    I’m influenced by all feedback (or pushback, for that matter) I get, so I would not rule out that you just triggered a re-examination of Chace Crawford. You introduced me to Rafi Gavron, and Bryan made realized there was nothing wrong with a wholehearted embrace of Zac Hanson.

    That said, I’ve never quite caught what’s so special about CC. He’s pretty, definitely, but there’s also a certain photogenic dullness about him. I guess my feelings towards him sort of resemble yours towards Zac Efron.

  9. Smilie says:

    Interesting post. It’s errie to see how similar our taste in men is. I have to agree with Bryan and Franz. I love reading your analysis of the SMA list (just as much as I love the list).

    Bryan’s feelings about the list echo my own (and were written much more eloquently than I ever could).

    “Flaming gay” is a fun on occasion. What’s wrong with drooling over hot boys? :-)

    I like reading about why you made the choices you did. It’s always interesting to me to find out why someone is attracted to a person (aside from their obvious hotness).

  10. queerlefty says:

    Thanks for your encouragement, Smilie. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drooling over hot guys. I really enjoy sharing that interest with all of you, hehe.

  11. Speaking of SKINS, I’ve seen 5 episodes of Season 3 so far and Cook is an absolute hoot. He makes the show that much funnier for me. So far, I prefer it over Season 2. But we’ll see how it progresses. The whole lesbian thing makes me feel uncomfortable. lol

  12. queerlefty says:

    I’ll get back to Skins when things slow down in school, but I can’t say I share your view this far. I’m slightly annoyed by Cook, and of the characters seem only mildly interesting. So far, the lesbian storyline has been all too vague to catch any sort of interest.

    But how about that guy Luke Pasqualino? I feel he’s going to shake up the SMA, hehe.

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