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About Last Night

It happens every Oscar night: The winner in one of the acting categories professes undying love and admiration for his or her nominated colleagues, usually with some reference to the “incredible journey” (or something similar) that they’ve all been through. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Movies of 2013: “It’s called obsession/can you handle it?”

I’m a little late with my best-of-the-year list this year, but a more relevant question is whether there even is such a thing as being late on this score. Looking back on my best-of-the-decade list, which I published at the tale … Continue reading

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Did I See “Gravity”?

Yes. It’s a truly spectacular film, in every sense of the word; a suspenseful, high-stakes-small mistakes thriller, a lyrical adrift-in-space drama that manages to simultaneously be both intimate and nearly infinite in scope, and more than anything, a stunning visual … Continue reading

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Remembering Roger Ebert, Still

It’s been a week since the death of Chicago Sun-Times movie critic Roger Ebert, and the eulogies and remembrances keep pouring in from all over the web. It was obvious for anyone who had followed American film criticism at any point in … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

I was already working on a blog post about what was next for Roger Ebert, when I read the news that he has died, at age 70. Just two days ago, he disclosed on his blog that he was once … Continue reading

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My Take on the Best Picture Category at the Oscars

Best Picture Nominees Amour (Michael Haneke) Argo (Ben Affleck) Beasts of the Southern Wild (Benh Zeitlin) Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino) Les Miserables (Tom Hooper) Life of Pi (Ang Lee) Lincoln (Steven Spielberg) Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell) Zero Dark Thirty (Kathryn Bigelow)

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In ‘Marfa Girl’, Larry Clark Makes You Stay for the Lecture

Perhaps symptomatically, the most interesting aspect of American independent cinema’s foremost enfant terrible Larry Clark’s latest film, Marfa Girl, has to do with its method of distribution. Clark, a consistently provocative chronicler of outlaw teenagers steeped in sex, drugs, violence and a restless … Continue reading

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My Favorite Movies of 2012: “I need my head examined/I need my eyes excited”

This year more than ever, I’m glad I’m not a movie critic. Don’t get me wrong, I love what they do, I care deeply for the craft of criticism, and the thought of getting paid to write about something that … Continue reading

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Baz Luhrman’s ‘Check All That Apply’ Approach To ‘Australia’

Slate’s excellent movie critic Dana Stevens said of Noah Baumbach’s Margot at the Wedding (which I wrote about last week) that it looked like a promising first draft of a movie, the only hitch being that this was also the … Continue reading

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Zac Efron, Feel The Love Tonight!

Rewatching High School Musical 2 this weekend did little to change my feelings about the movie (still mostly positive), but, having watched it several times already, my attention was drawn to things I hadn’t noticed the first times around. Most … Continue reading

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