For June, Jesse McCartney Is Named Sexiest Male

I recently introduced a new list on the top of my front page, ‘Sexiest Males Alive’. The title is fairly self-explanatory; I intend to continually expand and edit the list as of my liking. At the turn of each month, I plan to write a quick wrap-up, and to introduce newcomers and such. For June, this is what I have to say:

– To regular readers of this blog (if there are any) it might be no surprise to find that Jesse McCartney is currently the young man to beat. To me, however, it was quite surprising. I have compiled such lists regularly ever since I admitted my gayness two years ago, and McCartney had always been up there, but he had never been #1. Hunter Parrish, Charlie Hunnam, David Gallagher, Cristiano Ronaldo and even Sean Faris had, at times. And I fully expected Skins star Nicholas Hoult to hold on to the top spot, especially as new and incredibly hot nude pictures came out from the second season of Skins. But that was before Jesse McCartney released his new single Leavin’, and his new look. It’s not necessarily that he has become all that much hotter (I don’t know if that’s even possible), but a change is always nice every once in a while. Sadly, I can’t find a picture that does his new look complete justice.

– In early May, I also expected Mitch Hewer, Nick Hoult’s Skins co-star, to make a run for the top spot. And make no mistake about it; the fact that Hewer’s climb stops at #3 despite the Cosmo centrefold, is more do to the competition than anything else. His time will come, but I hope he will not fade into the darkness as his Skins tenure has come to an end.

– Hopefully, the pictures alone will make most of the other Top Ten picks understandable, but let me just quickly say a couple of words about some of them. The Charlie Hunnam of 2008 probably wouldn’t qualify for the upper end of this list (as I am definitely not into facial hair), but we will still have the memories of his QAF days. David Gallagher is a longtime favorite of mine, and one of those teen crushes that only now serve as early hints at my homosexuality. His looks have changed several times over the years, but he is still sexy, in a slightly rough-edged way. Zac Efron is no newcomer to this space, and his position was pretty much as expected. I am a little surprised, however, that he did not capitalize more on my watching High School Musical 2 again this month. In the fall, he will nevertheless be a man to watch, as the premiere of HSM3 is due in October. Sean Faris has been on the decline for the better part of the last 18 months, as the memories of Life As We Know It has slowly faded, but his Cosmo centrefold gave him a boost this month. Some might be surprised to see Jesse Eisenberg in the top ten, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding pics of him from The Squid and the Whale. And yes, I don’t exclusely judge people by their looks. Eisenberg’s charming is a great asset as well.

– For a quick look at places 11-20, Alex Pettyfer’s eleventh place showing is impressive. I have written about the reason in this space before, but his rise surprised even me. Other spots are occupied by such stalwarts as former 7th Heaven Tyler Hoechlin, Eragon co-star Chris Egan, and Jamie Bell of Hallam Foe. Bell could be on the rise, as I am pondering a DVD buy of said film. The highly touted Emile Hirsch ekes out a close win over doppelgängers Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Zegers, but the 90’s star, in particular, should never be counted out. It’s also worth noting that the aforementioned Eisenberg (who, four years after I first saw Roger Dodger should be considered a veteran presence) again put some distance himself and colleagues Michael Cera and Ricky Ullman. All three are part of what you might call a ‘geek quota’. How long will it last?

Stay tuned.

The list, as of June 7:

  1. Jesse McCartney
  2. Nicholas Hoult
  3. Mitch Hewer
  4. Charlie Hunnam
  5. Hunter Parrish
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo
  7. David Gallagher
  8. Zac Efron
  9. Sean Faris
  10. Jesse Eisenberg
  11. Alex Pettyfer
  12. Emile Hirsch
  13. Mitch Firth
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio
  15. Jeremy Sumpter
  16. Ricky Ullman
  17. Chris Egan
  18. Tyler Hoechlin
  19. Jamie Bell
  20. Kevin Zegers
  21. Aaron Carter
  22. Chris Lowell
  23. Aurelien Wiik
  24. Michael Cera
  25. Frankie Muniz
  26. Adam Brody
  27. Logan Lerman
  28. Brady Corbet
  29. Ed Speleers
  30. Alfie Allen
  31. Randy Harrison
  32. Ryan Donowho
  33. Raphael Nadal
  34. Fernando Torres
  35. Joe Dempsie
  36. Ryan Clarke
  37. Jay Baruchel
  38. Kostja Ullmann
  39. Jay Brannan
  40. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  41. Daniel Radcliffe
  42. Chris Trousdale
  43. Calvin Goldspink
  44. Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  45. Zac Hanson
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