Mitch Hewer Made Me A ‘Cosmo’ Guy

No sooner had I finished typing a blog post about Mitch Hewer displaying his goods on the second season of E4’s Skins, than was I directed from a half-shoddy gay forum to the website for female gossip and lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan, in search of their 2008 Celebrity Centrefold, said to feature the young Brit save his clothes. Immediately I felt a wee bit ashamed, for two reasons; a) desperately searching for naked celebs just sound a little old-school pervy; and b) I was breaking into straight territory to get my fix. I don’t exactly know why this need to rationalize all my encounters with the the straight outerworld suddenly emerges, but I guess it has something to with me not wanting to be seen as a gay cliche. I’m not on my way to become obsessed with hairstyles or shoes or fashion. And, before you even ask: I’m not clinging to my outside-the-gay-cliche-status because I’m questioning my sexuality. I’ve been there, done that. I’m gay, trust me. Just maybe not that kind of gay.

However, I eventually took the leap, and I don’t regret it. Cosmo treated me not only with an absolutely marvelous shot of young Mitch – though there is something disturbing about the facial expression and toning of his skin, the pose itself is hot as hell, and it even comes with a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot. In it, he yet again proves that he needn’t be naked to get my heart racing. His somewhat effeminate smile and attitude is pure gold, and I happen to have a thing for British accents as well (see: Bell, Jamie). Witness the way he pronounces naked (nay-kidd) and you’ll understand what I’m talking about perfectly. The blond sensation toying with his perfectly muscled body, and muse mock-insecure about having no clothes on? Count me in.

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