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Finding The Right Words

You know you’re either a) a grumpy old man, or b) a child of the information age, when you find yourself processing thoughts like “how peaceful and pleasant it is to finally sit down with a printed book, turn off … Continue reading

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“I’ve got my Justin Bieber mask on”

I feel like I have to state my position on Justin Bieber in general terms before I say anything about his new book, First Step 2 Forever. The Canadian pop singer is a child of the social media revolution, discovered … Continue reading

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How To Make A Great Book Into A Great Film

The art of adapting a book into a film has always fascinated me. In most cases, it’s a lose-lose situation. Literature and film are different art forms with different strengths, and any attempt to simply film the text will inevitably … Continue reading

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In The Company Of Critics

My memory is not good. I wish I was one of those people who could read a book or see a movie, and instantly remember every plot point, large or small, or who only have to hear a song once … Continue reading

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