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Survive To Tell

“This isn’t gonna be cured for years and years and years. I’m gonna die from this”, says the disillusioned young activist up on the screen. But Peter Staley, co-founder of the activist group ACT UP and one of the main … Continue reading

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Another Gay Day

There are few things in my life that has made me really proud of myself, but coming out is one of them. Therefore, the annual August 7 repost of my coming out story from 2008,¬†Two Years Ago Today Since I … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The ‘Glass Closet’

Out Magazine has a new column up today by Michael Musto, in which he revisits his controversial 2007 story about the concept of the ‘glass closet‘. In short, people in the glass closet are celebrities who, according to Musto, live … Continue reading

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“I’m honoured to be in their dreams”

I’ve returned time and again to praising Daniel Radcliffe for his seeming comfort with gay questions. It must be exhausting for a straight celebrity to have to dispel implied and explicit gay rumors over and over, but what really lifts … Continue reading

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On Boybands, Jay Brannan and Escaping Gay-By-Association

NOTE: This essay first appeared in Ganymede Unfinished, available now from Sibling Rivalry Press. An earlier version appeared on this blog in May 2009. *** When I sat down to try to write about the music of singer/songwriter Jay Brannan, … Continue reading

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The Wheelchair In The Room

There’s one thing about me that you wouldn’t be able to tell if you hadn’t seen pictures of me. A quick glance at the blog would reveal that I’m gay, and the generally nostalgic bent of my writing would probably … Continue reading

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Shout It From The Rooftops

“If you don’t want people to see you in a totally different way, this has to be no bigger deal for you than you want it to be for them.” That was what I told myself in the days leading … Continue reading

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