He’s A Good Teaser

Sifting through the ever expanding list of bad movies I’ve watched for not so straight reasons, today we’ve come to Stormbreaker, the 2006 junior agent flick starring young Alex Pettyfer and couple of hits wonder Alicia Silverstone. The movie itself feels like a cheaper and less tech-savvy version of 2003’s Agent Cody Banks, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I had initially feared. But again, that’s of course beside the point, as I’m sure it was for all the targeted pre-teens who sat through its theatrical run. The point was the emergence of Pettyfer, not the movie itself.

Much like fellow youngster Jeremy Sumpter, it is actually quite difficult to do full justice to his good looks. These blond babes are pretty damn near perfect. As we’ve touched upon briefly on this blog earlier, that of course doesn’t necessarily catapult them to the top of my Sexiest Males list, but their presence in a movie is nevertheless pleasantly felt.

Same goes for the shirtless model shoot that soon surfaced of the Stormbreaker star. They aren’t especially racy, but they are still super hot. Whether you’re an ab-centric kind a person, prefer him teasingly stylized or with as little clothing as possible, he’s a blood boiler. And even though I usually don’t find smoking to be a turn on, he handles his cigarettes elegantly as well. This sure is one to watch. For hours at the time.

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