In ‘Weeds’, Hunter Parrish’s From Behind Moment

I can only hope that the average reader of this blog only pops in occasionally, and that he does not take the time to assess the overarching themes it covers. If thoroughgoing readers actually do exist, I’m afraid they would be led to believe that this is mainly a blog about male behinds. And yes, I admit to having heaped praise on the behinds of a number of young cuties: Daniel Radcliffe, Jamie Bell, Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult have all earned themselves a drooling post. But be patient, dear reader. This blog is about much more than that.

Just not today (either). In a recent post touting the obvious hunkiness of Hunter Parrish, I noted that he was set to have a nude scene this season. Turns out that moment was closer than I knew. In this week’s Weeds episode Silas Botwin gets down to business on his MILF crush, and in the process, Hunter’s ass is visible for little more than a second. The first time I saw the short clip, I briefly paused to appreciate the fact that I live in this day and age, when such scoops are immediately posted on the web, and that stills are instantly available, to be consulted endlessly for pleasure.

So, what do I think about the goods on display? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. You can’t get a full view of it, and the lighting, too, works to make the scene less pleasurable than it could have been. Still, it seems ungrateful to complain. It’s not everyday one of the world’s sexiest males offers up his ass to the general public, and a muscular and well-tanned one at that. And don’t get my started on his extraordinary back and shoulders. How hot is that!

Nobody’s perfect, but few come as close as Hunter Parrish. And when not even the lasting image of that older woman serves to cool my feelings, I’d consider mission accomplished.

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