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“I’m honoured to be in their dreams”

I’ve returned time and again to praising Daniel Radcliffe for his seeming comfort with gay questions. It must be exhausting for a straight celebrity to have to dispel implied and explicit gay rumors over and over, but what really lifts … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Adam Brody

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but the last installment in this series was on Jesse Eisenberg around two years ago. Back then, I wrote about how my Eisenberg crush was as much based on my wish to … Continue reading

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Logan Lerman Is Still Beautiful

For a while after the terrifying events of this summer, I’ve been struggling to write anything at all. I was unable to express precisely what I was feeling, apart from an immediate reaction of sadness, gratefulness and determination, but  it … Continue reading

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My Favorite Pop Culture Podcasts

Last year, I named my favorite political pundits, both as a matter of transparency (so that you would know a little bit about who shapes my opinions on American politics), and as a way to endorse their work. Now, I … Continue reading

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June’s SMA Winner, Three Years In The Making

Once intended to be a monthly feature, and fulfilled as such  for the first year or so, there has not been a new Sexiest Males Alive list since October 2010. As the longest running feature of this blog, and by … Continue reading

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So Beautiful It’s Boring?

Back when this blog had a backbone – which is to say, when it was updated more regularly than once every two weeks – the Sexiest Males Alive list was it. Readers who have not yet stopped coming here (thanks!), … Continue reading

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Return To Innocence

Tracy Clark-Flory did an exciting project on Salon this week. She asked for reader submissions documenting their first celebrity crushes, from diary entries to emails, instant messages and fanmail. It’s accompanied by a smart piece about how she was looking … Continue reading

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