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How I Watch the Olympics, or: Tom Daley is Freaking Gorgeous

I’ve never quite understood people who call themselves sports fans. While I certainly can understand the appeal of specific sports, my way into a sport tends to be via specific teams or athletes, not out of a blanket fascination with the … Continue reading

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Another Gay Day

There are few things in my life that has made me really proud of myself, but coming out is one of them. Therefore, the annual August 7 repost of my coming out story from 2008, Two Years Ago Today Since I … Continue reading

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Two’s A Trend

What a week it has been for casual coming-out stories. Tuesday CNN news anchor and daytime talkshow Anderson Cooper came out, and then a couple of days later R&B singer and songwriter Frank Ocean of Odd Couple set the Twitterverse … Continue reading

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Weighing In, Belatedly, On Obama’s Marriage Announcement

I’m not sure if you can really be late to a party that shows no sign of stopping, but even if it’s been three weeks since Barack Obama came out, as it were, in favor of marriage equality, I feel … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The ‘Glass Closet’

Out Magazine has a new column up today by Michael Musto, in which he revisits his controversial 2007 story about the concept of the ‘glass closet‘. In short, people in the glass closet are celebrities who, according to Musto, live … Continue reading

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“Would I dick you?”

I think I’ve always queered, understood as looking for some homosocial or homoerotic subtext to anything I’ve watched or listened to. Before I became aware of what gay meant, I looked for the strong male bonding among the boys I … Continue reading

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“I’m honoured to be in their dreams”

I’ve returned time and again to praising Daniel Radcliffe for his seeming comfort with gay questions. It must be exhausting for a straight celebrity to have to dispel implied and explicit gay rumors over and over, but what really lifts … Continue reading

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I Think I Came Out Early Online

To some degree, there’s always been a certain internal inconsistency to the ramblings on this blog. On the one hand I have occasionally insisted that I would hate to live up to gay stereotypes, and even that I don’t want … Continue reading

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Early Gay Crushes: Adam Brody

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but the last installment in this series was on Jesse Eisenberg around two years ago. Back then, I wrote about how my Eisenberg crush was as much based on my wish to … Continue reading

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The Annual Re-Post

Traditionally, August 7 has been my gayest day of the year. It’s the day I celebrate my anniversary for coming out for the first time, to my father. I will honor the tradition on this my fifth gay anniversary, but … Continue reading

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